Akeredolu Allocates N25m For Office Stationery In Ondo 2019 Budget

A breakdown of the ‘Next Level’ 2019 budget presented by Rotimi Akeredolu, Governor of Ondo State, has revealed some alarming figures earmarked for administration in 2019.

Akeredolu presented N190billion as budget, but the Ondo State House of Assembly added N3billion to it, before it was passed in January 2019.

In the budget, the sum of N13million was set aside for phone calls for the Governor, while Agbola Ajayi, the Deputy Governor, would receive N5million for telephone calls.

Also, the Governor budgeted N25million for office stationery and computer equipment, while N107million would be spent on local travel and N2million on electricity.

The budget also has N150million for refreshment and meals at the State House, while N1.066billion was provided for gift items during festivals and children’s party, as well as hosting of state guests during special events in the office of the governor.

N500million was also budgeted for hosting of state guests during special events and a total of N336million will be used to “cater for gift items during festivities and children parties”, just as N230 million was set aside for donations.

N13million was budgeted for the printing of security documents, with N53million billed for maintenance of motor vehicle and transport equipment.

N12million will be spent on maintenance of office furniture, N19million for local training, and N26million for welfare package.


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