In New Video, Falz Addresses Electoral Malpractice, SARS, Religion And Domestic Violence

Nigerian rapper, Folarin Falana popularly known as ‘Falz’, has released visuals for ‘Hypocrite’, a song by he did with Demmie Vee. 

‘Hypocrite’ is a single off the album ‘Moral Instruction’, which was released on January 15, 2019.

The project is the rapper’s fourth studio album, and consists of samples of musical recordings from Afrobeats legend, Fela Kuti. 

Announcing the release of the video in a post on his Instagram page on Monday, the rapper, who is the son of human rights lawyer Femi Falana, called on his fans to watch the video and dwell on the message therein.

The opening scene of the video shows a group of people lined up in front of a toilet as they wait to empty their bowels. Unable to bear the pain of standing, a lady decides to go back home but she is welcomed by a rain of beating from a praying woman.

The video was directed by Prodigeezy, the man who was also the brain behind the video for ‘Talk’ — a conscious song by Falz that dwells on the need for citizens to speak up when their rights are been trampled upon.

In the video, Falz was supported by actress Kate Henshaw and comedian Ali Baba, who both offered cameo appearances. Falz and Demmie Vee played the role of electoral officials working at a polling unit that was attacked by security agents attached to a politician. 

‘Ali Baba’ plays the role of a politician and lawmaker who signed a 14-year imprisonment penalty for homosexuals but happens to be gay himself. 

As a politician, in the video, ‘Ali Baba’ could also been seen buying votes at polling units while making use of security officials to threaten the electorate and snatch ballot boxes. This scene paints a vivid picture of what happened at the just concluded 2019 general election, which was marred with electoral violence. 

Kate Henshaw plays the role a prayerful woman but highly tempered person who maltreats her maid. Touching on the hypocritical nature of religious leaders, a scene in the video shows a man in cassock offering a young child sweet a ploy to lay wth the child. 

In another scene, a married man stops his car midway into a journey and gets down to maltreat his wife.

In general, visuals for hypocrite paints a picture of how humans can be contradictory in the behaviours and beliefs.


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