Provide Details Of My Bank Debts Or Keep Shut, Okorocha Tells PDP

Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, has berated the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for accusing him of borrowing from banks.

According to Okorocha, the PDP should prove that he had debt with the said banks or “keep their mouth shut”.

Speaking through Sam Onwuemeodo, his Chief Press Secretary, Okorocha said his administration was not owing anyone. As such, he urged the people not to believe anything to the contrary as peddled by the PDP.

A statement issued by Onwuemeodo read: “We have come up with this position because the PDP is synonymous with falsehood and propaganda. And even as a party, if they know any bank the government of Rochas Okorocha has borrowed one naira from, they should mention such bank and state the particulars of the transaction so that interested persons can verify or forever, they should keep their mouths shut.

“Owing to Governor Okorocha’s monumental achievements, opponents of the administration have always erroneously concluded that he must have borrowed heavily from the banks.

“And that is the reason we are now stating openly that the Rescue Mission administration which Owelle Okorocha has superintended for almost eight years now has not borrowed money from any bank.

“We also want to state that Imo State government has paid workers’ salaries up to the month of February 2019, and the payment of the month of March salaries is about to commence. In other words, the state government is not owing any outstanding salary.

“Again, the government of Governor Okorocha is not owing any contractor. And if any contractor has any claim to the contrary he or she should immediately go to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of Imo State with the relevant papers before May 29, 2019.

“We are doing this so that people would not come after the governor has left office to lie against him or make dubious claims.

“It is also on record that the administration has run free education since 2011 from primary to tertiary and no child pays one kobo as tuition fee, while the government also repurchased state-owned companies sold by the previous administrations, including the Resin Paint Industry Mbaise.”


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