Misery Loves Company By Abiodun Sanusi

Nigerians keep complaining that the young lad Tani who’s a now a good chess player and his parents could not have fled Nigeria due to Boko Haram terrorists because their names suggest they’re Yoruba and are very likely to have come from southwest Nigeria.

Now, tell me if it’s only the Hausa that live in the northeastern part of the country!

Meanwhile, whether or not they fled from Boko Haram terrorists, at least we all know they fled from something. Poverty, hunger, insecurity, unemployment, poor or no education, poor electric power supply, etc.

No doubt, ‘Misery loves company’.

Imagine in a few years now, if I hold a political office and maybe (as it is common in Africa) I am well-known with my surname than with my first name, a lot of people would come out to ask where I got the name ‘Sanusi’ from since according to them only the Hausa bear the name.

Or they come out to ask how a person with a Hausa name is allowed to hold a political office in Yorubaland.

Meanwhile, the little boy in this picture now owns seven awards and aims for more; he wants to be a grandmaster in chess.

Even at my age, I’ve tried my little best to know how to play chess but I still don’t know it. It’s not my thing, I can’t sit down for hours over some carved plastics on a wooden board while stressing my brain. That’s me, I’m not him; he’s not me; we’re different.

“Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its (in)ability to climb a tree, it would live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Even monkeys only climb trees when the branches are close by.

Meanwhile, Tinubu’s real mother, the secondary school he claimed to have attended, his rise to power and how he became rich are all yet to be proven with substantial evidence to be true but none of you wailers care about that despite the fact that he and his cronies ruin you every day, but you have the temerity to question the former place of residence of  an unfortunate family who became fortunate after migrating out of this inhumane geographical contraption called Nigeria?. This is the definition of misplaced priorities.

Solve your problems, please, or keep enduring the anguish caused by our political class since you seem not to care about the country but yourself only. One thing few of us would never take from you is ‘dragging others into your calamities’.


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