Miss Success Adegor: The Search For Vainglory And Mediocracy By Colins Imoh

Nigeria is an exciting country we celebrate mediocrity! We are in the habit of solving symptoms of a problem instead of transforming the root causes! We keep complaining that we are not making progress as a nation, but how can we make progress if we keep wasting time and energy in celebrating mediocracy?

Let’s take the story of Miss Success Adegor. Four interesting developments happened. Miss Success was sent home for not paying fees. Secondly, the Head of the school was suspended. Thirdly, the school is being renovated, and finally, Miss Success is getting the attention of a lifetime with scholarships and gifts. Read the story from the brain trust.

“Delta State Governor, Dr.Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa has ordered the contractor to the site to renovate the Okotie-Eboh Primary School 1, Sapele Local Government Area of the State.

Okotie-Eboh primary school is Success Adegor’s school, whose video has been trending for days now on the social media.” The outcome of the renovation of the school is that the head teacher was placed on suspension. 

Sapele LGA Chairman Hon. (Chief) Eugene Inoaghan paid a visit and issued a press statement:

“The compassionate Chairman who was touched by the video, and on knowing that she attends a school in Sapele LGA, immediately swung into action…The delegation met with her parents, Mr & Mrs.Godwin Adegor, teachers and the headmistress of the School. High point of the visit, was the Executive Chairman presented a cash gift to Miss Success Adegor in the presence of her parents and pledged that in line with the policy of his administration to develop human capital to complement the ongoing infrastructural developments, the Local Government Council would give her Scholarship that will take care of her education up till Secondary School.”

We have to learn to diagnose our problems and proffer solutions than whitewashing a terrible lack of oversight and competence. Miss Success is an example of the situation of millions of children in Nigeria today! What are we doing to make life better for them?

The highpoint of the trip was the cash gift. How many kids will be as lucky as Miss Success? There is now a stampede to help her. Is noble act out of a sense of compassion or to seek vain glory? How many kids are naked on our neighbourhood, and we turn a blind eye? How many children go to bed daily without food and we pretend as nothing is wrong? We need to stop being pretentious and hypocrites.  

It is incredible that the Chief Inspector of Education and the local government chairperson did not comment on the status of the school, but only on Miss Success. What are the criteria for the scholarship and how many more impoverished and needy students in the LGA will be that lucky?  The state government is renovating the school.

This is an opportunity for us as citizens to begin a campaign to bring the state of our schools to the attention of the authorities. Let everybody take pictures of schools in severe conditions and start posting it on social media! Let us put the location, the names of the supervisory councillor on education, the name of the LGA chairman! Let’s campaign for action be taken on those public schools.

We need to start asking questions about how the allocations for education is utilized! We should not wait for another Miss Success, let us use the story and the goodwill it has generated to transform our educational sector. We should wake up from our slumber; we should stop being too passive! This situation we continue till us as citizens start demanding that our leaders are accountable to us!

Let the case of Miss Success begin the revolution in the educational sector in Nigeria! Please look around your neighbourhood there are lots of Miss Success, extend a hand of fellowship and solidarity to them. Let’s be our brothers and sisters keepers, not only when the camera is clicking! We can transform this country; we have what it takes!!!


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