My Opponent Is A Cockroach That Is Already Finished In APC, Says Ebonyi Gov

Dave Umahi, Governor of Ebony State, who has won a second term in office on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has dismissed the claims that he has dealings with the All Progressives Congress (APC).

According to the Governor, Sonni Ogbuoji, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who has been accusing him of plans to defect is a “cockroach”, who has no future in the party.

He stated this in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, published on Thursday.

Speaking on the claims that he was working for the APC, he said: “I never had a deal with anybody. I have sense of my own. But what I said all along, I campaigned for Atiku and I stood for Atiku. But I kept saying that the President is my friend. He is not a political friend. He is my boss and that I was not going to castigate him and nobody from Ebonyi will castigate him; even his party we did not castigate when we were running.

“It is only the cockroach that ran against me that was worrying us, but because of the respect for the President, we did not castigate the APC. This is very important. Now it is the same Ogbuoji that is afraid of himself and his shadows that is castigating us. He is afraid that if I come into APC, I will displace him.

“Tell me, should my coming into APC not be a plus for the party? Why is he worried about my coming into APC? The important thing is that, I don’t move unless God asked me to move and God would have brought me to governance through APC but he never did.

“So, I am still a PDP member. I never thought of leaving PDP. I never contemplated leaving PDP, but he is afraid that if I come into APC he is finished. But he is finished already because he has no future at all. I told him when I was campaigning that he will never be governor all his life. I am still very busy with my projects and he is talking about jumping into APC.

“I want to say that those that jump from one party to another have no integrity. Whatever God wants to make you, he can make you and it does not matter where you are or the political party you belong.”


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