The Inevitability Of Death! By Idowu Awopeju

Is it that we have prepared for the inevitability of death that no matter how tragic and tasteless it may be, epistolary tributes flow from all corners minutes after the exist of a loved one from this world? Or, perhaps, has death become a buy-two-take-one-free product to warrant a discombobulating discomfort?  You may argue that gone are the days when market women vacated their shops and wares in honour of a fellow trader or neighbour who is no longer in their midst, physically. 

Therefore, there is no basis to suspend social media activities for a while to mourn the departed and empathise with the bereaved.  Regardless, one thing is to weep spontaneously; it is another thing altogether to have the presence of mind to pen tributes. Among my circle of virtual friends, only three notable individuals, boycotted the online requiem to decently honour the departed souls in that ill-fated plane, especially our very beloved Prof Pius.

One of them wrote: “Please, I ask that this space be spared of any form of political/social posts till further notice. Thanks”. The other two didn’t make such announcement, but their silence was not only eloquent but noticeable by the least keen observer. A friend bears testimony to this when he wrote: “I am suspect. Modiu has not written a word since yesterday. Brother, be fine”. 

My point is in the case of Prof Pius Adesanmi. The news was bad but not generally so. For some persons, the badness was only on the surface,   beneath their wicked hearts, it is good news but they must shed crocodile tears to conceal the wickedness of their devilish hearts. 
I am not quarreling with anybody or questioning the sincerity of the nationwide bereavements. But when you factor in who the man was to the establishments and their paid cronies in Nigeria, you will appreciate my point. 

Unquestionably, this is one unique instance where nobody can be accused of crying more than the bereaved. The man that transited yonder, was a big tree, that everyone can lay claim to one branch or the other. He was such a big tree with plenty of branches.   On this space, not quite long, we learnt of how an individual sent the melancholic picture of the motor accident that nearly claimed his life to his aged mother as of the time when some loyal friends were trying to keep the news away from the preying eyes of the public. What was the motive if not to compound the grandma’s woes and possibly double the tragedy? 

Only God knows whether the same devil incarnate, this time around, was the first to anonymously break the news to Mama Isanlu, and came back here to join the genuinely bereaved family and friends to mourn. If God, as I strongly believe, does exist, no deed, good or bad, will go uncompensated! Whatever one does in life surely reflects in eternity. 

For me, this is the meanest and cruelest death I have ever seen. If not for anything, that angel of death should have suspended his evil mission, and be at least, be reasonable for once by allowing mama to have a free passage to her maker without a story like this. In Africa, I am talking of traditional African society, a child should not predecease their parents. 

May the lord comfort mama, and shield the nuclear family that he left behind from the enemies within. They are here!


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