W. Africa Crude-Angolan clears slowly

LONDON, March 11 (Reuters) – Some April-loading Angolan crude cleared on Monday while some fresh tenders were issued and were expected to mop up some Nigerian crude.

* BP sold a cargo of Kissanje to Unipec. BP was previously offering the cargo at dated Brent plus $1.30 a barrel. The deal price did not immediately emerge but it was below $1 a barrel.

* Total lowered its offers on its Angolan Nemba and Gindungo cargoes last week due to slowing demand after brisk trade last month. The cargoes were still unsold on Monday.

* About 10 Angolan cargoes remained from the April programme.

* Chevron sold a cargo of Congolese N’Kossa to the United States, a trader said.

* Less than 10 Nigerian cargoes remained from the March loading programme, and around 30 April-loading cargoes.


* India’s IOC issued a new buy tender for May 1-10 loading. The tender closes on March 14.

* Uruguay’s ANCAP issued a buy tender for May 15-20 arrival.

Reporting by Julia Payne; Editing by Susan Fenton


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