Dr. Pius Adesanmi: A Flaming Writer With A Fiery Message By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Finding out about Dr. Pius Adesanmi’s Death was devastating. I was dumbstruck and thought it must have been a mistake. When a great man, a good friend dies, there are no words that can fill the void. My mind is searching for unanswerable question: “Why?” “Why Pius Adesanmi?” But then, as we all know death is inevitable and it can visit anyone, any time.

The question now is: How are we going to get through this? Will our lives ever return to normal? Any time we suffer a loss, we are changed for ever. Adesanmi was a flaming writer with a fiery message of rebuke for the oppressive and wicked governments in Nigeria. 

He was a watchman with bravura and strong moral fiber committed to a strong sense of right and wrong. Adesanmi’s creative message and method earned him reputation as a skilled writer, tough, and uncensored in his style. Adesanmi writes with the supple grace of a swan and the boldness of a beaver.

Safe trip and good night!

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