Khali Kulture releases 2019 Shirts Ad Campaign with Alex Ekubo

Nigerian fashion brand Khali Kulture has raised the veil on their 2019 casual shirts campaign.

The bravura Eko Atlantic City serves as the backdrop for the latest campaign images which features Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo, who poses in the vibrant shirts with pants to match. He showcases the designer’s latest offering in a tranquil casual setting.

This time Khali Kulture’s focus is tailoring using exclusive vintage fabrics and cotton, hand-cut and tailored in Nigeria.

The fashion brand has always been famous for highlighting a modern selection of sartorial tailoring, with a uniquely Naija attitude. Attention to detail and delivery for the shirts par excellence.

Designer: @khali_kulture
Model: @alexxekubo
Photography: @chuckymagic
Publicist: @moafricapr

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2282019113144 img 2262

2282019113144 img 2260

2282019113144 img 2272

2282019113144 img 2250

2282019113144 img 2270

2282019113144 img 2252

2282019113144 img 2266


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