Should you be worried about volatile markets? That depends.

Well, it depends. What’s in your portfolio?

Not the answer you expected?

Of course, we’re kidding. A little. Worry doesn’t solve anything. It’s more helpful to dig into the cause of your worry. Are you frazzled by scary-sounding news? If that’s the case, consider turning it off! (Or, for a more balanced, less dramatic take than you’ll find on cable news, see our latest 2019 forecast.)

But are you anxious because you don’t know if you have the right asset mix?

Because you should’ve been rebalancing over the past few years when stocks were hot, and you didn’t?

Because you’ve been collecting investments over the years and now you’re not sure what’s in your portfolio?

If so, that’s something you should address.

We can help

We’ve learned over the years that, surprisingly, not everyone loves investing. (Well, it was a surprise to us anyway.)

Maybe you’re busy and it’s not your top priority. Or maybe you’re not into learning how to invest or figuring out how to adjust your investment strategy whenever your life changes. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Because we do love investing, and our financial advisors are happy to take that weight off your shoulders by reviewing your financial situation, crafting your personal financial plan, and managing your portfolio. Investing is our cup of tea, but it doesn’t have to be yours.

Is now the right time to hire an advisor?

Times like these aren’t fun for investors, but you can learn from them. This is how you find out whether you have a solid investment strategy you believe in.

If you don’t, then yes—now is the right time. You’ll feel more confident, more in control, and more able to ignore screaming talking heads.

And when those scary stories break and you have questions? You’ll have someone to ask.

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