‘Shambolic’ Electoral Processes Will Not Deter The Revolution To ‘Take It Back!’, Says AAC

The African Action Congress (AAC) has restated its commitment not to give up the movement aimed at rescuing the country from the “failed ruling class”.

The party also said the just-concluded presidential and national assembly elections were marred by irregularities.

A statement issued by Victor Lijofi, the AAC Secretary in Osun State, congratulated all members of the movement, noting that the party has won the battle of ideas and is setting the pace for the future.

The statement read: “We congratulate all #TakeItBackers for their roles during the just concluded presidential and National Assembly elections. As a movement, we won the battle of ideas and have our candidates setting the pace for the future of a New Nigeria for all working people, where the welfare of the majority will matter than the wealth of a few.

“As events unfold and history is made, it is necessary to attempt review of some factors that affect the 2019 presidential and National Assembly elections and the lessons therein for the future of our movement and the people.

“Electoral procedure of a close to 60-year-old country like ours is expected to be conducted under an organized system that is free of bias and fair practice. Looking at the situation that has made this election exclusively aggressive in character and an open robbery in nature: from the failure of the ruling class to organise the electoral process using appropriate accurate data and technology in order to allow ease during the general election.

“Many INEC permanent and ad hoc staff members were also compromised by the major parties to aid and abet electoral malpractices because the President Buhari-led administration is practically corruption-friendly. The whole process was marred with irregularities, such as killings of the electorate and electoral officers officially numbering 275, vote buying and selling, ballot snatching/burning/stuffing, intimidating voters to vote against their conscience, card reader failures and other malpractices. It was also evident that the APC and President Buhari engaged in the highest degree of electoral violence, using the military, paramilitary and political thugs.

“Nevertheless, our movement on the mission to take back our country from these old guards, has successfully waken a sleeping people from their slumber to take their destiny their hands. The AAC/TIB is a party that is designed to mobilize Nigerian people to take back their country using pro-people demands by supporting all unions, groups and individuals’ demands for a just society on the streets, because the present ruling class and their party have failed to build a Nigeria of justice, peace and unity for all.

“Contesting the political space with every present anti-people political party through principles, ideas and programs becomes expedient. As it is, the present situation is such that should inspire change seekers to be more focused and become a part of a strategic move towards reorganizing a focused movement like the TIB and make it rooted in the working class and youths in all the nooks and corners of the country.

“However, as revolutionaries, we must be aware of the lessons and consequences of the process. First, the electoral process is just one means of societal change. It is achievable when the electoral laws and process accommodate all voters and contestants. Hence, we have a duty to be part of various struggles to ensure the electoral system reflects the need for a modern society.

“Also, it is very clear that illiteracy has eaten deep to the bones of our people. Hence, it is our duty to ensure that we give appropriate political education to our people across all walks of life. Furthermore, we must ensure that we reach out to our people from the grassroots of all localities with our programs, while we prepare for the next political years, because all politics are local. We also have a duty to be part of every political process in the next coming years. We have to organize, mobilize and educate.”


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