Nigerians Will Forever Remember You If You Become President, Iyanya Tells Sowore

Popular musician, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, widely known as ‘Iyanya’, says Nigerians will remember Omoyele Sowore forever if he emerges President in the general election rescheduled for Saturday, February 23, 2019.

This has come as a boost for the presidential ambition of Omoyele Sowore, contesting on the platform of the African Action Congress (AAC).

Iyanya made the statement when he appeared on Sowore’s #OurTime, a programme Sowore anchors to keep supporters updated on his campaign.

Commending entertainers for their contribution to advancing the country, Sowore noted that the industry and talent of musicians, as well as actors and actresses, have put the country favourably on the international scene.

Speaking with Sowore on #OurTime, Iyanya said: “I strongly believe that if someone like you goes in there, I’m sure you would do things that will make Nigerians remember Sowore for the rest of our lives and I’m wishing you the best.”

Iyanya commended Sowore’s SPICERHEAT agenda, stating that his plans would make the country better and help support the production of entrepreneurs.

“Imagine a Nigeria where everybody has light. What it means is that my nephew, who wants to start work, doesn’t need to buy a generator set. With the number of generators we have in Nigeria and the people who are exporting them, we can’t get power supply in Nigeria,” he said.

He expressed support for all young candidates seeking political positions in the coming elections, saying it is time Nigerians supported young candidates — because the country needs a “saviour” to salvage the deplorable situation of the country.

“I am sitting with you because every time I watch you, you speak facts. I’m also sitting down here to say let’s give young people a chance. If you go there and do well, I will support you forever, and Nigerians will support you. What Nigeria needs now is a saviour but nobody is holy.

“I agree with you that it is time for the government to let young people come up to office; it is time to make new heroes, especially the young generations, because Nigerians need people who love the people.

“The people are suffering today because there is no love coming from above to the lowest level. There are people who are suffering, who appreciate money as low as N100. So, it is time for the government to allow young people who have the relationship with the young generations to come in and bring new ideas and change the game, because the situation right now is not good for the people out there and it is really bad.”

Stating why celebrities are not coming out to publicly endorse politicians, Iyanya said the people come after them and sometimes attack them when the candidates they support fail to perform.

In his remarks, Sowore said: “Nigeria is at a point where there must be a generational transition. The old generation of leaders who are analogue thinkers must give way for the digital generations.”


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