If You Want To Waste Your Vote, Waste It Wisely On Sowore, Says Mr 2Kay

Popular entertainer and ‘Bad Girl’ crooner, Abinye David Jumbo widely known as Mr. 2Kay, has asked Nigerian youth to “waste” their votes on Omoyele Sowore, Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC).

The musician made the call while in a conversation with Sowore, streamed live on Facebook.

Mr 2kay had announced his support for Sowore through a post on Instagram.

Charging the Nigerians to support Sowore, Mr 2Kay said: “We are taking it back to make it good. The truth be told, I think it’s time to give back to the country.

“It’s better to do, as they say, waste your vote. And if you want to waste your vote, waste it on Sowore. Waste it wisely, and then it can be recycled because it is very productive.

“Why I’m supporting your race is that I believe you have the ideas that we need to help this country get to the next level, get better and I think its time for us to give young people, that is why I’m supporting you, I’m supporting Banky, and Mr. Jollof.”

“Basically, I’m supporting you fully. I’m giving you my vote and I’m asking the people I can influence and my followers to just go on and support you as well on Saturday.”

Mr 2kay, who said he had been attacked for publicly confessing his backing for Sowore, described the situation of the country as sickening, as citizens are being exploited daily.

“Some people attacked me and said I’m wasting my vote. I am tired of those people; they have been recycled and always come back. They are all the same, I am sick and tired of writing proposals and someone else will read it, make so much money from it and give me little.” 

Mr 2kay took a jibe at other celebrities for not taking a stand and supporting young candidates, saying: “Some of the celebrities are ready to support the young candidates but are scared to come out. I feel disappointed that entertainers who are supposed to come all out for someone like you are laid back and that is a big shame. The old politicians don’t even care about the entertainment industry.”

He also lamented that the government had abandoned the entertainment industry despite their contribution to the country.

“It is a big shame to the government because what entertainment has done for Africa and Nigeria, entertainment has put the country on world map. The government should focus more on improving the industry.”

He urged Sowore to invest in the industry and make loans available for entertainers when he becomes the President.

Mr 2kay also urged all the young people, social media influencers, bloggers and entertainers to come out en-masse to support Sowore. 

“Don’t go to rallies because of the penny they will give you. You can take the money when they offer but vote for Sowore,” he stated.


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