Omoyele Sowore: Endorsed By Coalition Of Oppressed And The Poor Will Cruise To Aso Rock By Bayo Oluwasanmi

The presidential election on Saturday is more than election. It’s going to be a referendum. Nigerians will have the opportunity to choose between good and evil, future and past, old reactionaries and visionary leadership, between more of the same or real change.

The old established candidates get rich for doing nothing for the country. They plundered our nation and brought it to its knees. Everything is in ruins. Nothing works. Nigerians are suffering. They are dying in droves like flies. Omoyele Sowore the African Action Congress (AAC) candidate, has rightly described Nigeria as a ground zero and a crime scene. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nigerians are hungry for real change. The coalition of the oppressed and the poor will vote out of frustration and fatigue. Their vote will be a punishment vote against Buhari and Atiku. They are ready to try  a new person and a new party : Omoyele Sowore of AAC.

They are tired of APC and PDP excesses, corruption, manufactured crisis and chaos, instigated and perpetrated violence. The two parties have proved to be sworn enemies of our people and nation. Voting APC or PDP is like divorcing your wife to marry your mother in-law.

Within the short period of nine months, Sowore has won the love, respect, admiration, and hearts of millions of Nigerians by tapping into a deep well of resentment perpetuated by the status quo. Sowore has done everything possible to convince Nigerians that he’s the most credible, most qualified, most prepared, and most positioned candidate who can steer a country whiplashed by rising crimes, violence, corruption, unemployment, fear, insecurity, and poverty.

We have everything to become a great nation, instead we have become the poverty capital of the world. Sowore is a visionary with bracing honesty and evidence of his willingness to shatter the status quo. The way Sowore ran his campaign shows how he’s going to govern Nigeria as president: organized, transparent, accountable, lean,  efficient, prudent, effective, IT driven, purpose driven, people driven, and of course driven by fearless ideas.
The vitriol and outrage of Sowore on campaign trails, debates, town hall meetings, and interviews, as he crisscrossed the country, largely mirrored Nigerians’ dystopian mood. The coalition of the oppressed and endorsement of the poor will propel Sowore to Aso Rock. Here’s why:

They see Saturday’s election as an opportunity to elect a fighter and a doer who will fight their cause. They see Sowore as a man with a sense of destiny. Sowore communicates a sense of better future, the belief that they’re in this together. They see in him a man with a sense of family. He has been able to convince them that they’re joined together as a family by his mission – a vision of a better tomorrow. They see in him a militant spirit that will get the job done. He assured them that he’ll match his representation with a militancy that the urgency of the task ahead demands.

They love his connectedness with the pain and sorrow of the underprivileged. He speaks their language. He expressed empathy and compassion for their predicament and brings courage to their dreams and pursuits. They appreciate his fierce opposition to contagious selfishness of the oppressors. They believe in his courageous servant-hood. They seen in Sowore the resolve for results. 

The coalition of the oppressed and the poor know that by casting their votes for Sowore, they are creating a future that aligns with their aspirations, dreams, priorities, programs, and set a precedent for the future. They seem to be saying: “We’re voting Sowore. Our future is NOW… Let’s cruise to Aso Rock!”

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