10 Makeup Removers That Actually Take Everything Off

I never look forward to taking off my makeup at night. It’s not that I’m too tired to wash my face, but removing every single bit takes a lot of effort, and quite frankly, just hurts. More often than not, fully removing my eyeliner and mascara takes 10 thousand years and a ton of rubbing. My eyes are red, watery, and I still wake up with black residue under my eyes in the morning. 

Instead of just accepting the fact that taking off my makeup is always going to be the most-dreaded part of my day, I made an effort to find effective yet gentle eye and face makeup removers that completely clean my face without much scrubbing or double-cleansing.   

From rinse-free micellar water to jelly cleanser to wipes, it turns out there’s a ton of formulations to choose from that’ll fit into every type of skincare routine. Here, the 10 best makeup-removers out there. 

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