VIDEO: ‘You’ll Go Back In Body Bags’ — El-Rufai Threatens To Kill Foreigners Who Interfere With Nigeria’s Elections

Nasir el-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, has warned any “foreign power” that interferes with Nigeria’s 2019 general election that they would return to their country in “body bags”.

A ‘body bag’ is a bag used for carrying a corpse from a battlefield or the scene of an accident or crime.

Speaking on Tuesday evening during a live programme on NTA, el-Rufai said Nigeria, being an independent and sovereign state, would never bow to foreign powers.

His words: “Those that are calling for anyone to come and intervene in Nigeria, we are waiting for the person that would come and intervene, they would go back in body bags.

Video of El-Rufai Threatens To Kill Foreigners Who Interfere With Nigeria's Elections

“We are waiting for the person that will come and intervene. They will go back in body bags, because nobody will come to Nigeria and tell us how to run our country. We got that independence and we are trying to run our country as decently as possible and we know the history of those countries that are trying to teach us these things. We have read their history.

“We also know that at their own stages of development, they went through these challenges. So please, let’s work together, let’s advise one another — but don’t lecture us.”


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