Oshiomhole On Atiku: The Kettle Calling The Pot Black By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi

APC National Chair, Adams Oshiomhole has started waxing radical again. In attacking Atiku Abubakar yesterday on TV, he posited thus:

“When you hear Atiku say ‘I will privatise NNPC even if they will kill me’, I don’t even know why he needed to add that one. Who will kill him? He is not speaking to you because you don’t have money to buy NNPC. I don’t know how many Nigerians have the money to buy NNPC. He is speaking to his western audience. When he says he will float the naira, you know whose language, whose values his parroting. Those are IMF agenda. He wants to float the naira. So, if in Atiku’s word, floating the dollar means $1 to N1,000, so be it. Do you think he doesn’t know what he is talking? Of course, there are countries which, if they have their way, they want Nigeria to remain perpetually under-developed”

It must be noted that while Atiku is openly professing his drunken love for the capitalist agenda of neo-liberalism, the Buhari/APC are closet lovers and implementers of IMF and World Bank anti-people ideas. 

In November 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari and his team met with Christine Lagarde, the IMF Boss. She as well met with many organs of the government. Just five months later in April, Buhari implemented full deregulation and petrol price doubled from #87 to #145. Nigerians since then can testify to the pains that wicked decision has cost the masses. While the government later reintroduced fuel subsidies, the petrol price never got reduced. And tiil date, the Buhari government never refurbish the refineries as promised. Neither did they take back our oil rigs from private profiteers. Ogoni has not been cleaned up as promised. And a major gas company has been privatised in Port Harcourt. 

Also, it is the Buhari government that also devalued the naira fully and started promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The rate to dollar rose from #160 to #350 now. There is no assurance that the rate won’t be higher if Buhari/APC gets elected. 

Oshiomhole’ s APC is another face of a rotten coin with PDP on the other side. There is only a no difference. In fact, APC is much effective in implementing anti-poor policies. For instance, Oshiomhole himself as Edo state governor borrowed from World Bank and also implemented a disastrous state casualization despite being a former NLC president. 

Adams Oshiomhole employed over 20, 000 graduates and injected them into workplaces under the name Youth Employment Scheme (YES). He used these workers to grow the GDP of Edo state for seven years and sacked them all. This is the same mass casualisation of work that Osun under Aregbesola (OYES); Ajimobi’s Oyo (YES O) and others did. Buhari is also replicating same with N.Power. It is N.Power that the Buhari’s government call employment. The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) have made us know that it is mass casualisation and never real employment by international and economic standards. Need we remind Oshiomhole that casualisation is a neo-liberal capitalist agenda to denigrate work and a particular condition for IMF/World Bank loans?!

Nigerians must be wary of Oshiomhole’s fake radicalism. He built only a higher institution all through his tenure as Edo state governor located in his home town, Iyahmo, near Auchi. I am sure there is no working family in Oshiomhole’ s home town that can afford the school fees. The commercialisation of education is obviously a capitalist agenda.

The western powers are like an average sex worker. They dance to the customer that can pay them anytime. That’s their permanent interest. They openly supported Buhari and APC the last time. Now they have found a customer in Atiku. For us who believes in another Nigeria without imperialism, we will support a people’s alternative in Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress (AAC). He doesn’t have the support of either the local capitalist powers nor that of the Western world. His support is rooted in the masses of Nigeria and his ideas are sowing seeds in streets, villages, towns, and cities all over the country. His support is rooted in an anti-capitalist agenda where the millions will surely matter more than the millionaires.

Let Adams Oshiomhole and his PDP opponents know that the wind has long blown and the yansh of their hen is exposed that their fight, to the masses, is like Arsenal playing Chelsea. Even the captain of Arsenal can move to Chelsea next season.


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