Sowore’s AAC Urges Nigerians To Stand In Solidarity As Six Arrested Members Go To Court

The African Action Congress (AAC) has urged Nigerians to “stand in solidarity” with the party as the six members arrested for pasting posters at night are scheduled for another court hearing on Monday.

They were arrested on December 9, 2018, and the Police accused them of breaching the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency laws by pasting posters at night and damaging campaign posters belonging to candidates of other political parties.

They were charged to court and granted bail, while hearing on the case was adjourned till February 4, 2019.

A statement issued by Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi, Director, PR, Media and Communications, Sowore 2019 Campaign/African Action Congress, on Sunday, read: “On Sunday, 9th December, 2018, six members of the African Action Congress party were unlawfully arrested during the early hours for pasting posters in Lagos State. The arresting officers went through several charges before settling on the charge of defacing public property, accusing them of vandalising posters belonging to Jimi Agbaje, the PDP Lagos State gubernatorial candidate.

“Our supporters have been steadfast in their defence that they did no such thing; maintaining that they were arrested only with Sowore’s posters, brushes and adhesive paste. At the time, the arrest, which led to a three-day detention, including two days in Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison for pasting posters, was the latest in a long line of persistent attacks on the AAC. The party would later deal with exclusion from the national debate and a poorly orchestrated smear campaign.

“We have fought every semblance of injustice and oppression that has come our way since the beginning of this campaign, and will continue to do so, this court case included.

“It is unconscionable that the APC and PDP would rather sink to these depths than spend their time proving to Nigerians that they are worthy candidates to govern the land. That they would rather squander the freedom of six innocent young men than do the right thing – make plans for this nation and then keep their promises. We urge Nigerians not to fall for these cheap tactics and to instead focus on the prize: a Nigeria that works for us all, regardless of tribe, religion, income level or political alliance.

“On Monday, 4th February, 2019, the AAC will go to court and once again stare injustice in the face in the case of six young men arrested for pasting posters in Lagos state. Regardless of their political affiliations, it is our hope that every Nigerian will be rightfully outraged by this case.

“We specifically ask that ALL of our supporters use the picture of the AAC 6 as their profile picture in a united, worldwide show of solidarity. We must support our own and let the old cabals know that we are not for bowing or breaking. This is the only way that Nigeria can progress — calling out injustice wherever one finds it — and Nigeria MUST progress.”


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