Van Vicker Celebrates Wife as She Turns a Year Older

Van Vicker is so happy that he has been able to provide enough for his family and God’s favour has not departed from his home.

He is currently celebrating his pretty wife’s birthday as he shares adorable Family photos with his wife and children to show how well God has blessed his home and his wife especially.

He wrote; “Wow. Another year means an addition to your years on Earth. Hip, hip, hip, hooray! You are a year older. But you don’t look it, hahaha. You look younger (women love to hear that) lol. Anyway, on your birthday the kids and I present to you a 3-in-1 award. Best mom, Best wife and the Long Life award. You are that vital element we all rely on. Affable, sensitive, passionate, sweet, your shoe is way too big for anyone to fill. No wonder we look and feel the way we do under your watch. God continues to shower is Grace and blessings on your path. Happy birthday, baby. We love you.”

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