In Politics, Only One Thing Is Permanent By Abdullah Abdulganiy

With the current trends in the Nigerian political terrain, it must have been clear to fellow countrymen especially the discerning ones like the fourteenth moon that there is neither permanent foe nor friend in politics, particularly Nigerian politics. Only one thing is permanent, and that is interest. Personal and selfish interest! Interest against the masses! Not even a politico can be exempted for this generalization.

It must have come as a rude shock to everyone as it did to myself the statement attributed to the national chairman of the APC, Mr Adams Oshiomole. Oshiomole was reported to have said that opposition elements are free to join the APC. They will not only enjoy freedom of association, but also immunity: they will be cleansed of their misdemeanors and then be told to sin no more. Nauseating, isn’t it? Is this not the same APC that rode to power on the altar of integrity? Now toeing the path of the PDP of yore. More disgusting to hear is that whenever the APC fall short on moral standards, it will refer us to how the act is justified because the PDP had done something similar. This is surely not what it promised us.

What is it that the PDP of yore had done that the present APC has not replicated? Talk of lopsided anti-graft war. Talk of imposition of flagbearers in party democracy. Talk of disrespect for the entire citizens. If there is any difference between the duo, it will be in terms of the nomenclature. They are birds of a feather!

Back to my discussion. In politics, only interest matters and prevails. It doesn’t add up whether these personal interests are at the detriment of the masses. Take for instance what Obasanjo attributed to Tinubu – I may not be in bed with the personality of the former C-in-C, but there is surely sense in nonsense. In 2003, Tinubu was reported to have thrown several salvos at Buhari. Hear him: “Muhammadu Buhari is an agent of destabilisation, ethnic bigot and religious fanatic who, if given the chance, would ensure the disintegration of the country. His ethnocentrism would jeopardise Nigeria’s national unity.”

In 2015 however, when Tinubu foresaw that his personal interest was in jeopardy if he didn’t form a synergy with Buhari, the rather agent of destabilization, he quickly humbled himself and embraced a Buhari presidency to satiate his selfish interest. Today, the erstwhile “ethnic bigot” and “religious fanatic” is now the only option for Nigeria.

Let’s take on Baba Iyabo and call it a day. Another pointer to the fact that in politics only interest is permanent is how Obasanjo had not only turn a “devil” to a born again, but had also vouched for his presidency. Pa Obasanjo was formerly known for his fierce critiques and diatribes against the person of Atiku. Deep-seated was he in this enterprise that he even said that God would not forgive him if he supports an Atiku presidential bid. Today, the erstwhile corrupt man is now the only one that understands the economics of Nigeria. What an irony! The rest, as they say, is history.

I can go on and on to cite examples adducing to the fact that there is no permanent friend or foe in politics. What is permanent is interest. Politicians are one big family. Forget what transpires in the open. They are sheer manifestations of the assumption of dramaturgy. Imagine an Amosun who is for the APC at the federal level, and something else at the state level! It would have been better if these interests appeals to those of the masses. But hell nay. However, here we are throwing jibes at ourselves because of these politicos. At the backstage, I am sure these people will just guffaw at us and tag us “mumus”.

Ruminate over relationships that had been put to a halt in the name of politics. A friend of mine once removed me on facebook because my commentaries doesn’t meet him well as a Sarakite. Is that supposed to be? I have Sarakites as friends, mentors, teachers, admirers. Matching the towering intellectualism of a Bolaji Abdullah, a Femi Akorede and a host of others won’t be a bad idea. The masses just need to wake up. The political elite are one. They only become divided when their interests clash. If Saraki should go back to the APC today, he would be accepted wholeheartedly and absolved of his undoings. That is politics. A dirty game. Ruin not your relationship because of it.

Abdullah is of the better-by-far University of Ilorin. Reach him via 08090637356.


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