The Perfect Crossbody Bag Exists, and It’s Only $98

As much as I want to be the type of person that experiments with a ladylike top handle by day or a sequined clutch the next, I’m lazy. I don’t want to switch handbags like underwear. I need the Keanu Reeves of bags: the one. A purse that can make the schlubbiest of outfits look chic, so I’ll never tire of wearing it daily. Basically, my excuse to invest in a Chanel 2.55, but not all dreams are meant to be fulfilled.



The Simple Half-Moon Crossbody Bag


As always, Madewell is here to solve all my fashion woes. It may be beacon for great denim and cozy sweaters, but their bags aren’t half bad either. Take the leather Transport tote, for example, which has amassed a cult following of college students worldwide. Or the Simple Half-Moon crossbody which recently caught my eye while browing through the newest drops. In short, it’s everything. Why? Well…

At $98, this bag is a steal

A high fashion purse can be as much as three-months rent, so the Madewell version is considerably more affordable. Made of 100 percent leather, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another quality style this affordable.

The shape is classic, but also unexpected

A half-moon silhouette isn’t what you usually think of when looking for a long-lasting handbag, but it gives every outfit a slight edge (or lack thereof) over traditional rectangular bags. It’s similar to A.P.C.’s fan-favorite half-moon bag, but a fraction of the price.

It is large enough to stash your phone, wallet, and hundreds of old receipts.

Micro bags are for people who don’t have to carry their own cell phone, and tote bags are meant for carrying your five-year-old laptop. If you find yourself searching for a reliable median, this is it. Madewell’s crossbody is surprisingly spacious.

The straps are seriously durable

Everyone is all too familiar with the fear that a weak strap will snap while running to your next appointment, so quality straps top the list of must-haves for a good bag. Once you feel Madewell’s thick strap you’ll never worry about that scenario again.

It comes in every color you need

Basic black, basic brown, basic Millennial pink. Madewell has it all.


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