Ghana Can do Better Than Dubai Others…John Dumelo

Ghana Can do Better Than Dubai Others…John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, is happy with the way his country Ghana is going especially when it comes to entertainment but he feels more needs to be done.

The actor stated that the country as very busy this past December as people came from some parts of the country to enjoy the various entertainment packages around the country.

He stressed that if more could be done in the tourism sector of the country, Ghana, will one day become the Dubai of Africa.

According to him, “I love what I saw in Ghana this dec. Loads of visitors, events etc. For 10 days Ghana was like Miami or Dubai. Kudos to all the event organizers and musicians for outstanding shows. What we have to do now is to create more events and build more tourists attractions. So you visit Ghana, you go to Kakum, Wli and Cape coast castle. What will make you come back again? Nothing! Like Dubai, they are constantly creating new things for visitors to come back. That’s what Ghana needs to do. We have the potential of being the Dubai of Africa. If we stay Focused, Dubai will be become the Ghana of Middle East. We can surpass Bali, Singapore and Greece as the number one tourist destination. Let’s leave politics out of this debate for once and together let’s make Ghana a better place. God bless our homeland!”


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