What I Told A Nigerian Who Said Atiku Will Win Because Nigeria Is Designed To Favour Old People

Dear, wow!  I love what you just said now.  Do you know why? It shows your level of shallow-mindedness. I wish you checked your time to know what the time says. YOU DON’T KNOW WHEN OTHERS LEFT YOU AND SAID NO TO THEIR OPPRESSORS – PDP and APC.  

In case you don’t know, Atiku is 70 years plus, which is a stage Bible designed for memory decay, mental and physical rest and death. Even Psychology and other social science courses have proven that the older one becomes, the more one’s BRAIN DETERIORATES and DEGENERATES to having lesions in the performance hemisphere of their brains. Atiku/Buhari, by the virtue of their age, are incapable of leading NIGERIA. Oga, many Nigerians are aware of this truth. NIGERIANS HAVE SAID NO! They retire your fathers and mothers at 60s in civil service on the very cogent reason that old age limits innovations and deteriorates memory and hence limits performance, but why do they give a whole Nigeria 70-plus-years-old people as President? Atiku and Buhari are disqualified already. Nigeria of this time won’t vote them, watch it. 

Atiku has served NIGERIA before; and if you had read Obasanjo’s book titled MY WATCH, you will see firsthand accounts of how corrupt Atiku is. Atiku is not just old but the worst personality for the job; he needs surrender himself to justice if this were a country where the justice system works. But APC and PDP have created bad justice systems to favour their kleptomaniac syndrome. Nigerians abroad and at home have said NO TO THIS POOR JUSTICE SYSTEM! Check Your Time.

PDP and APC have failed every Nigerian child, including the children of Atiku, Buhari, Obasanjo, etc. The system of corruption they created has labelled every Nigerian criminal and corrupt in the international labour market, thereby killing the employability of every Nigerian in the Diaspora. Once you are a Nigerian with Nigerian passport, you have to work extra had to prove you are not corrupt like they already assumed you to be (sometimes, you don’t get such opportunity to prove yourself). NIGERIANS DON’T NEED PDP AND APC AGAIN! 

The poverty rate in the country! Nigeria is now the poverty capital of the world. The bad system created by PDP and APC has made the Nigerian market not to obey the law of gravity; anything that goes up can only go up again and can never come down. What was the price of kerosene when Obasanjo and Atiku took over in 1999? Then, it was N25 per litre. How much was it when he handed over to Yar’Adua/GEJ after eight years? At what price did GEJ leave it (it keeps skyrocketing) when he handed to BUHARI. When GEJ handed over to APC, Buhari and Osibajo, what price was it? Currently, what is the price of kerosene? Was that how America became great? No, PDP and APC are failed systems, and when you sack a bad employee, you don’t go re-employing the fool because the replacement (the new employee proves bad); rather, it is more professional you get a more competent alternative to the already failed employees to do the job. NOT PDP and APC! 

What Nigeria needs now is a capable and credible alternative and that’s where AAC and others come in. But we support AAC because of the consistent personality record of the principal, Omoyele Sowore for over 30 years. We support AAC because Nigeria of today needs a vibrant, intelligent, fearless, competent and controversial young President like Omoyele Sowore whose administration cannot be hijacked. We need a President like Omoyele Sowore who does not know the meaning of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS to coat Nigeria’s pressing issues but rather spells it out and proffers solutions and works assiduously to salvage the situation. We need a President like Omoyele Sowore who won’t tell us to pray and fast when Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are killing us.  We support African Action Congress because of the already painstakingly-earned global membership scope and structure it has built for itself within seven months. And many other reasons. So, get prepared, my friend; let’s work with AAC to get a New NIGERIA that will work for all of us. 


©Eze Izuchukwu Philips


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