2019 Offers Nigerians Golden Opportunity To Change Our Destiny, Says ADP Presidential Candidate

As the world celebrates the turn of a new year, Yabagi Yusuf Sani, presidential candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), has urged the people to embrace the “golden opportunity” the new year offers.

In his new year message, Sani lauded Nigerians for their doggedness in the face of challenges and urged them not to be discouraged as 2019 will bring hope that will satisfy their aspirations.

He also expressed optimism that “a new Nigeria will emerge where quality education is guaranteed, there is a decrease in the unemployment rate and economy blossom”, adding that “it can only be realised if Nigerians make the right choices in the next polls”.

“As we enter a new year, it is my hope and aspiration that Nigerians, for once benefit from democracy. We now have a golden opportunity before all of us to change our destiny once and for all and for greater good,” he said.

“I want Nigerians to think anew. The daunting task before us is achievable. We can have a brand new Nigeria where we can give our children quality education, where youth unemployment and restiveness can be reduced to near non existence. We can also have quality and affordable private and public health system for our kids, adults and aged ones. Our economy can be transformed to become the largest in Africa and begin to compete with advanced nations of the world.”

Sani stressed that he is rightly positioned to get Nigeria back on the right track, expressing his readiness to serve Nigerians.

Sani, who is expected to kick-start his campaign fully, said: “It is time for serious work to rescue our country and bring prosperity to all citizens”.


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