President Of Peace Ambassador Agency, Amb. Kinsley Amafibe Celebrates Birthday with Showbiz Entrepreneurs

The CEO of Peace Ambassador Agency, Amb. Kingsley Amafibe, has clocked plus one on 10th of August, as he celebrates his birthday with friends, colleagues and family members, at Trancorp Hilton Hotel Capital Bar in Abuja. The celebrant has received several amazing expressions as goodwill messages, prayers and birthday wishes to mark this significant day of his life.

The birthday celebration of Amb. Kingsley Amafibe witnessed the distinguished presence of high profile personalities, Nollywood Celebrities, Entertainers, event CEOs, Beauty Queens and other VIPs. Speaking exclusively with the big boss, he expressed his sincerest gratitude to God Almighty for his grace and mercy upon his life.

He also appreciated friends, colleagues, mentors and family members for their benevolent gestures, gifts, messages and most importantly their graced presence at his birthday celebration, held at Capital Bar, Transcorp hilton Abuja.

The iconic Celebrant is a Publisher, book writer and convener of several resourceful and social advancement projects across Nigeria, especially in areas of youth development. He has remained unequivocally devoted to capacity building and human capita development.

As an Author, Amb. Kingsley has written over four books which includes, “The Rise of African Fashion Designers and Lifestyle”, “The Timeless Philanthropist” and “The Man and His People”.

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