Donald Trump hired dad of Jeffrey Epstein victim back when they were each other’s “wingmen”: report

The paper published a picture of the letter, with Trump’s distinctive signature.

“The document shows another connection between Epstein and Trump who were reportedly each other’s ‘wingmen’. The two partied together in the 1990s and Trump has called Epstein a ‘terrific guy’ but they are believed to have fallen out because Epstein was accused of sexually assaulting a girl at Mar-a-Lago,” the paper noted.

Trump gushes about the victim’s father in the letter, although he apparently misspelled him name.

“Skye (sic) Roberts has been a most valuable employee at The Mar-a-Lago Club since April of 2000,” Trump wrote in the letter dated January 30, 2003. “It is my understanding that Skye (sic) is relocating to Colorado. Should he ever return to Florida, he would be eligible for re-hire.”

Read the full report.

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