#RevolutionNow: President Buhari Has Shown Real Terrorism, Say Organisers

The Coalition for Revolution (CORE), organisers of the #RevolutionNow protest, have said that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government has proven beyond reasonable doubt “how low it can go in displaying its tyrannical and despotic nature”.

Reacting to the harassment and intimidation of protesters on Monday, Seni Ajai, co-convener of the movement, in a statement said that the act of intimidation was condemnable.

He said, “At about 7am on Monday, the premises of the Media Lab in Ikeja GRA that houses Sahara Reporters Media Foundation was under siege by policemen and DSS operatives.

“This act of intimidation prevented workers in their numbers from going about their legal duties of investigative journalism, civic engagement and policy advisory. 

“This act of intimidation and harassment is condemnable in a democratic setting.

“But despite the unreasonable threats by all state apparatus, the RevolutionNowmass protests was successful in over 14 cities, locally and internationally. 

“Nigerians trooped out in their thousands to express their displeasure at the poor living conditions this administration like other previous ones keeps inflicting on them. The international cities are London, Ireland, Berlin, Geneva and New York.

“The streets of Nigeria were heavily militarised like there was war. We won’t be wrong if we said war was declared against oppressed Nigerians expressing their anger in a civil way.

“A protester in Lagos was shot in the leg while 32 others were brutalised, beaten and injured by a combination of armed-to-the-teeth security operatives. 

“A total of 55 Nigerians (30 in Ogun, nine in Lagos, two in Ore, two in Calabar, four in Oshogbo, three in Ibadan, five in Benue) have been arrested as at the last count. 

“As of the moment, we are yet to confirm the number of indiscriminate arrests in several other cities as the police started arresting sympathisers and passers-by in a gestapo manner.”


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