View your tablet hands-free with this stand

Chances are, you invested in a tablet to either enjoy your favorite content on the go or breeze through your to-do list without having to lug around a bulky computer. The only downside to using one is you have to hold it up all the time, especially when you’re using it at a desk. You can use a makeshift stand using whatever you can find, but things like books don’t really allow for stability.

Whether you’re flipping through a recipe while cooking or catching up on emails, the Slope Universal Tablet Stand will keep your device propped up at a comfortable angle. Compatible with any tablet with a flat metal back (with the exception of tablets with glass backs), it uses unique suction technology to keep y our device in place. There are two pads built-in that are crafted from a special type of nano-foam with thousands of microscopic air pockets across the surface to force air out and create a vacuum and a secure grip. Should you find that they’re starting to lose grip, all you have to is clean them with water.


The Slope is designed to look great beside your gadgets, too. It has the same brushed and anodized finish as a Macbook, so it can blend in with your Apple tech collection.

Normally retailing for $39.99, you can grab the Slope on sale now for $29.99 — a savings of 25 percent.

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