Buhari, Governor Akeredolu Promoting Anti-party Activities In Ondo APC -Concerned Leaders Forum

Aggrieved stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State chapter have demanded the immediate dissolution of its working committee being led by its chairman, Ade Adetimehin. 

The stakeholders, under the auspices of Concerned Leaders Forum (CLF), said they had lost the confidence in Mr. Adetimehin-led executive of APC in the state which they accused of anti-party activities in the 2019 elections.

The APC leaders made the demand in a communique issue on Monday.

Ali Olanusi, a former deputy governor of the state and member of the APC Board of Trustees (BoT) signed the communique. 

The aggrieved leaders revealed that a meeting planned by leadership of the APC to end its crisis among the warring members in the state was turned into a jamboree to create an atmosphere that there was peace.

Their communique read: “We are surprised that a confab initially slated for the attendance of a few APC leaders to find solution to the crisis bedeviling the party in Ondo State has been turned to a jamboree and all-comers affairs as caretaker chairmen of all the 18 local governments in Ondo State, commissioners, house of assembly members and all other political appointees who are not part of this meeting based on the original plan have been directed by the Team Aketi to mobilize minimum of 180 people each from the 18 local governments to the venue with pro-Aketi placards to create a subterfuge and deception of our party leaders coming for the said confab. 

“We recall that all these people mentioned above worked for Action Alliance in the last election which led to the failure of our party in Ondo State. We also have it on good authority that NURTW in Ondo State have been fully mobilized to ensure that none of the genuine leaders of APC is allowed to access the meeting venue at the Dome in Akure. These NURTW members are to destroy vehicles belonging to and physically assault genuine APC Leaders at the venue of the meeting.

“That we have written several letters of protest, petitions and have made several representations to the party at the national level analyzing the problems of APC in Ondo State but the party has ignored all the letters and representations and forge ahead as if nothing is wrong with reckless abundant.

“That we cannot sit down in any meeting in which Mr. Ade Adetimehin, who openly campaigned for Action Alliance in Ondo state at the expense of our party will sit down as the state chairman of APC in Ondo State as we do not know when Mr. Ade Adetimehin defected from AA to APC after the last election. 

“It is on record that Mr. Ade Adetimehin lost all the elections in his unit, ward and local government to PDP, SDP and AA based on his alliance against our great party.

“That the party should not lose sight of the adverse implication of not applying the relevant sanctions provided in Article 21 of APC Constitution 2014 as amended against anyone who is guilty of anti-party activities without exception. 

“Meeting with members of AA led by Ade Adetimehin at the confab will only encourage indiscipline and discourage hard work and loyalty among genuine APC Members and Leaders.

“That we are surprised that the leadership of the party has ignored all those that are involved in anti-party activities that led to the failure of President Muhammadu Buhari and our national assembly candidates in Ondo State at the last election and the party leadership has now called those who worked for AA for a confab while leaving out the genuine members and leaders of APC in Ondo State.

“That the governor of Ondo State has refused to patronize the genuine APC members with appointment but instead, the governor has been appointing and compensating members of AA AND ZLP into positions in Ondo State thereby discouraging hard work and encouraging anti-party activities in Ondo State.

“We wish to challenge the governor of Ondo State to tell the whole world the result of the senatorial election in his unit, ward and local government at the last election if he is not guilty of anti-party activities.

“Based on the above, we emphasize our clarion call for the dissolution of Mr. Ade Adetimehin-led State Executive of APC in Ondo State from State to Ward Level for obvious reasons. We also call on the leadership of our great party to immediately set up an Interim Management Committee to be put in place as a prelude to a genuine reconciliation in All Progressives Congress, Ondo State Chapter.”


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