Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Step out of your office or cubicle and find some healthy distractions! If you sincerely seek, you will surely find something to celebrate this Wednesday, April 10. Two of the most playful and creative planets, flirty Venus and imaginative Neptune, link up in Pisces and your third house of socializing. Go ahead, Cap: Let your hair down and see what happens when you’re not obsessing over work. Of course there will always be deadlines and projects that only you can do. But who says you have to finish all of them NOW? Go out for lunch with a colleague you’re getting to know better. You can learn more about each other and maybe even do some brainstorming over cappuccinos. Give your killer sense of humor a little rein and don’t be afraid to let people see this “unplugged” side of you. These two planetary idealists only meet up once a year, and with your expressive third house lit up like this, you might surprise yourself by how funny you are—or how sharp your writing has become. You don’t have to be an official poet or lyricist to produce high-quality work. Make art for art’s sake! This realm also rules local action, so you won’t need to travel far for cheap thrills. Check out that new (or new-to-you) pub or farm-to-table bistro. Who knows, Cap? You might stumble on your new favorite hangout!

Also on Wednesday, supersizer Jupiter commences its annual four-month retrograde, this year in Sagittarius and your twelfth house of rest and relaxation. Until August 11, you have a cosmic hall pass to slow down and be more mindful and introspective about life. You’re not a rusher-into-things by nature, but this backspin can give you more patience and forbearance when it comes to getting involved. If something is potentially risky or costly, this is a good thing! But the other side of the caution card is that you might talk yourself out of something that’s good for you. This is where the self-awareness comes in. Are you acting—or NOT acting—out of intuition…or fear? Sometimes that’s a very fine line, Cap; nearly invisible! You might find it helpful to work with a therapist or energy healer during this cycle since they can offer the kind of big-picture perspective that is hard to come by ourselves. (Which is Jupiter’s specialty, whether it’s moving forward or backward.) These are also a good few months to pay attention to your dreams, both waking and sleeping. Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected moments, and you want to capture those pearls of wisdom!

Stay alert before you blurt this Friday. A lip-loosening square between verbose Mercury in your communication corner and candid Jupiter in your unconscious twelfth house could cause you to utter something highly uncharacteristic. Not every passing thought deserves to be expressed. This is NOT the day to practice being a little less “inhibited.” If you’re actually upset with someone and have been stuffing down your feelings, hold ‘em in one more day. Today, they’ll only come out sideways. If you must get something off your chest, vent to a friend—or your journal.

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